Founded in Fabulous 2014 and Aiming Towards Fruitful Living Since Then!

Inspired by John 15:8

Fruitful & Fabulous is a faith-based clothing and apparel brand inspired by John 15:8–This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be My disciples (NIV). Fruitful & Fabulous (John 15:8) aims to honor Christ Jesus and encourage fruitful living. It is our mission to bear much fruit and live simply, fruitfully, and purposefully. Our fabulous clothing and accessories allows you to also impact the world around you and share the good news. 

Be Fruitful

We believe that every believer should lead fruitful lives. However, bearing much fruit or living a fruitful life comes through our reigning king, Jesus. To bear fruit and much of it is to yield to God and stay connected to Him in our daily walk, allow the Holy Spirit to spiritually mature us, walk in His love, and live as Jesus lived and still commands this day (Col 1:9-11). We are so thankful that to bear much fruit God does not expect us to accomplish this alone or through our feeble strength. He is willing and able to do the work through us if we yield to Him and believe. We glorify Him who internally guides and helps us.

Fruitful & Fabulous

Fruitful & Fabulous is committed to fruitfulness and encouraging fruitfulness through God’s Word, integrity, simplicity, building relationships, discipleship, purpose-seeking and exemplifying God’s love. Every clothing and apparel design is inspired by God’s Word and our faith walk. Fruitful & Fabulous will also feature a Christian poetry collection with clothing and apparel designs inspired from original poetry written by Tannika Moore, founder/owner of Fruitful & Fabulous. Fruitful & Fabulous is where life is engaging and abundant.

To contact Fruitful & Fabulous, you may post your comments below or email us at fruitfulandfabulous@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!

Live Life the Fruitful Way!


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